Happy Birthday to us!

We turned one! Firstly, we have no idea where the last 12 months have gone, we’ve been so busy settling into our roles as owners of our own business (as well juggling family life as the mothers of 2 children each) the time really has flown.

Your first birthday is absolutely a time to reflect back on the past twelve months, it has been hard work, it has most definitely been a rollercoaster. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve been scared to death of people’s opinions of our little business, we’ve been brave, we’ve felt lost, one minute on a high, the next minute worrying that we haven’t the slightest clue how to be ‘business women’.

Those who know us will know Tori and I have no actual experience of running a business, we both have degrees in unrelated subjects and we both had jobs that hugely differed to the ones we have now. A year down the line and our current job roles include, receptionists, waitresses, cleaners, cooks, marketing managers, human resources assistants, accountants, designers, I won’t mention tv presenters as we’ve got a long way to go to in perfecting our skills in front of the camera… oh and today I am a blogger (I think!), need I go on? Haha!

One thing we did have experience of was working with people, thankfully this is an aspect of our working life we enjoyed and we have met some absolutely wonderful people over the past year.
What has struck us the most is the enthusiasm of our customers (big and small), they really want us to do well and we literally cannot thank them enough! As for our little believers, they bring so much joy and laughter to us on a daily basis, we set up our little town with a clear idea of how things would be played with, how wrong could we be? Their imaginations far outweigh ours and we always watch in wonder as to what will happen next.

One of the major highlights of our first year has to be that we were shortlisted for ‘the one to watch’ Award at the WIN Awards 2017. These awards bring together some inspirational and aspirational women in business and to be amongst them was an honour, let alone to be one of the shortlisted businesses.

We cannot look back at the last year without thinking of our staff, we couldn’t run Believe Town the way we do without dedicated and hard-working staff. We are thrilled with the people we have working with us, they really care about the business and are a huge asset and support to us. On setting up we could never have imagined having such a fab ‘Believe Team’.
On the whole, we could never have predicted what would happen this year but we have to say… it’s been amazing! We’ve taken the plunge into self-employment. Everyones support has meant the world to us, the fact that our little town has been enjoyed by so many is fantastic. Let’s see what next year brings!!

Thank you all so much.

Helen and Tori xx

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